Friday, August 1, 2008

mystery elk

2 fledgling peewees.

Last evening coming home after my two days in town. I wander around the property, and see that the Peewee nest appears to be empty now. I wish them luck on their travels.
My vegetable patch is surrounded by wildflowers, mainly roses and fireweed. I see some broken stalks of fireweed and wonder. Not till I come to my front door, I see havoc in the garden, something has been eating the white roses. I search for more clues, fire weed at several places is been flattened. No tracks , eventually I find 3 fresh droppings, Elk?
In the early morning my husband wakes me up; there is a young porcupine rummaging around in the yard. Nibbling on the raspberries.
I am grateful that the animals of the wild bring me a visit once and a while. When their visits become too regular and invasive, I will talk to them, as with the gophers, woodpeckers and a few years ago the beautiful black bear.

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