Friday, August 1, 2008

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Here are more mysteries. This is a Siberian Aster. Only it is way more showy, then what it usually looks like. I don't know what happened here. If I would have come upon it in the wild I would have been totally mystified. But here in my garden, among all the Siberian Asters, just this one happened to do a different thing. ???

For the mysterious Elk, I suppose they were White-tailed deer. As the droppings dried up they shrunk considerably.

Today I went to the 911 pond, and luckily at one brief moment I saw two swans swimming. Just their heads sticking out of the tall grasses. I tried to get closer again , but there is no way, I think even with waders on this marshland is impossible to walk in. The water fairly deep and the tufts of marsh grass solid and tall. Not solid enough to step on top of them.
About the swans, if they have an active nest ?????

Many birds, many many mosquitoes and some big birds of prey.
All very wonderful, but can't give you any names. I tried for the plants;
Positively 3 different gentians! Gentianella amerella, as lovely as it sounds
Gentianella propinqua, beautiful enough ,being so common it gives everywhere i go a purple dash. And to my delight the, Gentianopsis detonsa ssp yukonensis, which is past blooming already and now finally looks like the one in William Cody's amazing plant book.
For yellow, there where mustards.
And Senecios, possibly a streptanthifolius.
Solidagos, possibly a simplex.
Potentillas, possibly a pensylvanica.
Arnicas, possibly a chamissonis ssp incana.

This winter I will study Botany.

In the last post, I mentioned, I talk to the animals. I mean that literally.
They might be there that moment are not, I talk in my head or out loud.
Amazingly they do listen. I respect them , they respect me.
How's that for a mystery?

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