Friday, August 8, 2008

'Soapberry' Bear

A bear in the yard.
Well, off in the bushes 100 meters from the house.
-Sitting on the outhouse...... Yesterday, while ironing (my, for money, job), I happened to watch a program on TV,
about how it is 'modern' to have a glass house. I laughed at them and thought about my outhouse without a door,
not even glass. How transparent is that?
Any way this morning, 'sitting' relaxed, I hear noises in the woods, I have been fooled by squirrels,
but this time ,it is not them.
I suspect deer or elk, And walk quietly towards the sounds. First I see something black with round 'ears',
probably a stump, which now in my fantasy looks like a....
One more step.. It is a bear!!! A cuddly looking (the round teddy bear ears,and a cute, lighter, muzzle) Black Bear. It seems to be looking straight at me.
I am sure it smells me , but might not see me.
Anyway I do the thing I am not supposed to do, I run. Once I realize I am running, I throw my coffee cup in the bushes and run faster.
The house close, and luckily the bear doesn't run after me, They are faster by far!!!
Don and I don't care to go look, but after my husband is long gone. My son safely sleeping (he came back last night).
I take the bear spray, Which is good practice, because now calmly in the house, it's tricky to get it ready for immediate use.
(Read my Bear story, 37 mile) Under real threat it was surprisingly simple and amazingly fast. (I should not count on that, but always be prepared.

The Bear's gone. I don't dare to go to the exact spot it stood, but already here the soap berries are very abundant.
Today I will take the hand mower, and work on expanding the wild lawn. As in not having soapberry bushes close to the house.

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