Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dezadeash Lake

August 15 2008
Tomorrow is Full Moon, but tonight we were given a surprise preview. Surprise, because I am not so much in tune with the moon. Most days I am asleep before dark and up after. It does get dark though these nights.
This evening we left to go camping. Before dark we arrive at the campground at Dezadeash Lake (around 9pm). We set up the tents, start the fire. As soon as we sit down around the fire, Sue calls out,"look at the moon!"
On my first night camping this Summer, what a treat! I do like camping very much but somehow....
I actually love camping. Here in the Yukon the sites are nearly always perfect. This one right on the lake. In between our site and the lake are some willow and Soap Berry bushes and then there is a dark sandy beach. The evening light is beautiful, shining on the ripples in the Lake and the surrounding mountains.
Half of the campsites are occupied, no one noisy, and everything is very peaceful.
We make a traditional campfire snack. I have to ask Sue for the name, but you probably know it, it includes bread, canned cherries and for Sue and me ;chocolate chips. Delicious!
And 'the cherry on top'; two Loons calling.

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