Monday, August 4, 2008

Big Lake Jenny

With my husband, we drove out to Taye lake. On the drive in we stop at a ridge which leads right to the mountain on the west of the Taye lake road. It looks like a wonderful way to go for a hike one day. We stop a few more times, to look here and there, follow some Bison tracks etc. At the Lake we park at the cabins. The forest opening at the bottom towards the lake, is beautiful, full of yellow Cinquefoils. And a kind of Bladder Campion which I had not yet identified. It is the Silene involucrata ssp involucrata. Walking towards the lake following the ATV trail. There is lovely Eyebrights , Euphrasia subarctica. Which is small, and has tiny ,but beautiful flowers. The most gorgeous one today, is closer to the water's edge. A Lomatogonium rotatum, called Marsh Felswort.It is another Gentiaan. As I look up I see the swans in the distance. And before I know it Don is way ahead of me and I have to run to catch up.
The lake water is high and the marsh grass emerged. We sit on the edge by the willows overlooking the lake and the mountains. My 'dream' mountain looks particulary inviting. The weather turned sunny today, but it's peaks are surrounded by clouds, appear and disappear. On the way back we go a little inland, to walk in the forest on more higher ground. We come by a scenic inland marsh where I photograph a frog. I think there are only 2 kinds of frogs in the Yukon. I'll let you know.

As we are wandering into the general direction of the cabins. We come upon a historical sight. First we don't know what it is.And suddenly we see that it is an old grave site. Big Lake Jenny. I've already set in motion to find out more about her and will keep you informed.

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Cicero Sings said...

You always have interesting walks and adventures!

I didn't see the Arrow Grass in flower ... I'll have to wait until next year now. This was the first I saw it!

Thanks for your note regarding your experience with this plant!