Sunday, August 24, 2008

Red mountain tops

This morning the mountains are obscured in clouds. I will post a picture from Haines Alaska, where a sight like that is so much more beautiful.
At this moment I am not able to see the mountain tops here, but I wonder if they are red. The last few days I was in town. Friday hiking the Goat trail with Mary; mount McIntyre is red. It is the buck brush in its fall color.Saturday I spent a day standing on top of mnt. Sima. And again the surrounding mountains are red. (one of them mnt. mcIntyre)
My view this very moment through the window of my own home; The poplar trees green and yellow 50/50. Through the trees, clouds hanging low in the Mendenhall valley , a strip of green and above it the mountain tops in clouds.

About Friday; Mary took me up a trail overlooking the City of Whitehorse; called the Goat Trail. (cross country ski trail) Right at the start we are picking blueberries (Vaccinium uliginosum) while hiking. I do have to admit these blueberries are very tasty(the best). We walk by lime stone rocks which are visible from town. We come on sort of a plateau, where we have the choice to go back and pick some berries in our containers instead of our mouths. But I am happy to do another loop on this 'plateau'. Which is just below the treeline. That means it is very nice we are on a trail as the willows are high. The big trees beautiful, Coming to their full potential it seems. The stands of Poplar, the Fir trees, the Spruce like brides. And here and there a beautiful Pine tree.
It is for the smaller stuff, that I always think ; I could sit here for hours and take it all in, but some how when I have a choice, my legs always urge me to keep going.

Amazingly my 'dream' comes true the next day. I volunteer as a volunteer for 'The contagious Mountain Bike Club' and am placed (what luck) at the start of the trail on top of the ski hill. I very much enjoy the energy of the mountain bikers, and in between groups of bikers coming up there is lots of time to enjoy the mountain. The views, the rocks, the crowberries. etc. When my duties are no longer needed I walk down beside the biking trail. I find red-currant bushes, with one red-currant left for me. I wonder if the main volunteers have enjoyed them while making this wonderful trail. (Thank you!) Down at the bottom a not so pleasant surprise awaits me, but I won't talk about that here as it is of a personal matter.

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