Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bear stories

August 12 2008

For my mom, she likes a close up of a bear. And for Jose, she likes scary stories. No, she didn't say that,
she said 'spannend'. It's Dutch;it could mean...thrilling.

For the last three days I have done a lot of berry picking. Wild berries for sure
(see my new blog: But in places not totally wild. It seems to be some berries like to grow, where we humans interfered. Which really is kind of neat. Gravel pits, abandoned roads, ditches and under power lines.
At least that is where I seem to be picking these days. Bears like these environments too it seems, definitely now the berries are ripe. And this year the story goes that the berries are not very good higher up the mountains.

Well what ever the reason I have seen a lot of Bears this Summer! I am counting 9!
(Most summers 1 or 2.)

"Ah mom I don't think I post the picture, it is out of focus."
And Jose, "Sorry". Luckily for me, "this story is not going to be thrilling".

No. 8 showed him or herself at the TV tower clearing on the Haines Road, Sunday. I called out to Don and we retreated to the close by car, and the Bear retreated into the forest.

Yesterday I was picking alone, and was very cautious, at the black currant patch, which is on the power line but surrounded by dark Spruce Forest. Beebed my horn, pepper spray on my hip, singing most of the time and scanning the area
after every picked bush.

Today same precautions, but more relaxed as Don was with me again. Picking berries (7 litres!) nothing occurred, After we went for an enjoyable drive in the woods on wood cutting roads. Don't tell Don, he thinks this driving is so great,
gets me places fast and such, but really on a bush road, you're bouncing around and really don't go that much faster,
"when hunting" we are saying,' "it beats carrying out your moose on your back".

And I love driving when I meet a Bear!

As we bounce down this road, Don hollers... A Black Bear on my side of the cap, on the edge of the road eating soapberries.
It really was only a meter away from me. I should have just looked and enjoyed from the safety of the truck, because while scrambling for my camera, I only got
its buttocks in the picture and as I said not even in focus. It really didn't run away though, it just turned into the woods and leisurely went about his way, still eating berries.

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Cicero Sings said...

Not one bear have I seen this year, nor any sign.

Nice write up on the gooseberry!