Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taye lake 3

Back to the beginning; Biking on the Alaska ain't so bad, there's that feeling of freedom, when there is no car in sight.
And there's definitely a bigger variety of flowers blooming on the side compared to in the bush. 15 km. Is enough for me though,
I was happy to turn into the Taye lake bush road. And right away I felt surrounded by the birds and little animals.
A gopher ran ahead of me, a funny sight, stopped, stood up and dove into its hole as I passed. As soon as
I was feeling smug, about whoever would like to bike on an paved road, when there's this ,I hit a sandy section.
Oh my. but as the road is flat, it wasn't that bad. The soil in this area is sandy, but only small sections of road where
too soft for comfortable biking. The animal tracks show really well. There's moose, bison, different carnivores and
little animal tracks. Most of them recent. Lucky for me, the one set of bear prints, is softened around
the edges and full of small forest debris. It's older.
The forest most of the way is small Aspen trees. There are stretches where they are only 3 meters high. I see
on an air photo of the area that the road actually follows a band of Aspen. These roads here are probably
made by the people from Champagne. And probably a very long tome ago. I actually find one old trail, that is on the map,
but I had never seen it. I mark it on the way back with my improvised bear bells.
The last few km. is a gentle downhill slope. It's wonderful to coast down and land by the lovely cabins.
I leave my bike by a fallen in structure in the open area. Tiny white flowers are blooming abundantly.
One day I figure out,again, which they are. It's the Pink family, which has many different species.

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aria said...

Hi Jozien,
what a beatiful picture on your weblog! It sure looks like summer is coming. And the picture of yourself is also terrific :-).