Tuesday, May 20, 2008


One of my goals of dedicating myself to wild places, was to be more mindful in Nature. As it turns out I often find myself telling stories in my head, everywhere I turn there is a story; The clouds in the sky, the way the light catches the buds coming out, 'old' stories that I didn't write yet, It is truly unlimited.

And then your stories. The Joke is on me. Have you ever bought something, thinking you're so original, and then suddenly everybody's got it. Well I tell you people, that sometimes don't even know about my, keeping of wild places, adventure, approach me with nature stories that are far more exciting or touching then mine. I thank you all immensely for those though, because I believe through paying attention, amazing things are possible. Keep'm coming!

Nature provides me with the biggest laughs. Three weeks ago (I never yet posted this story) My favorite hiking partner, Jane Vincent, and I went to our favorite pond (911). We were biking on the ice, now this pond is totally full of birds. We were actually looking for birds. I think we spotted 2 Mallards. But of course the joke also was, we were looking for open water, where the birds would be. In the meantime we were biking away, like with skating, this provides a great feeling of freedom. Oops, we found open water, Jane fell through the ice. I think we can laugh about this for a long time. My reaction will also provide great laughs. I, always impulsive,rush to rescue her. Luckily for both of us, she screams: "stop, I'll get out." We both would have been in.

May 5 2008. I went back to the pond, still ice, but more birds. Two swans, some Mallards, 7 Seagulls, 2 possible swallows,1 Eagle and something whistling through the air, like an army-jet?(whatever, I'll ask my son) Anyway Mary suggest they were Goldeneyes!

May 18 2008. I made it back to the pond again. Approaching I already heard quite a quack-a-phone (do you know a word, which describes the sound hundreds of ducks make?). And what I saw made me laugh about my feeble attempts to be a birder; This is what it is about! So many, no way I could count them or identify them. I start clicking pictures. Soon swallows were circling around me.(do I stir up the bugs?) I spot the heads of the 2 swans. High up in a Spruce, in the sun a Red-winged Blackbird is flashing its red shoulder patches and singing an incredible song. Later at home looking at the pictures, I identify American Wigeons, many Greater Scaups, a dozen or so White-fronted Geese and at least 1 Northern Shoveler.

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