Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am happy to announce that 'Harry' has babies! The Hairy Woodpecker lives with us year round. When the Flickers were so noisy, I actually did notice that the Hairy Woodpeckers took second stage, and quietly went about their business. Now it is their babies that make the most noise in our yard. According to the Yukon bird book its early for the young to hatch. Mind you spring did start early, it just never evolved into much. Glory, to this weekend though, it is summer.

Today I am spending my day in the yard, to be with the two men in my live, who are home today. And I am doing some yard work and gardening. Alexander noticed a bird that kept flying away as he approached to work on a project. He found a nest in a tuft of grass. Indeed a Junco has 5 little eggs in its nest. According to my log the Juncos where here April 29. So within a month they were laying eggs. My book tells me incubation takes 15 days.It be neat to keep an eye out for the young. Remind me June 8.

Other observations: yesterday in a little slough close to the river, I spotted a pair of ducks. They turn out to be a male Northern Shoveler and a male Ring-necked duck.
There are dark, they look totally black, butterflies fluttering around. I suppose they are Red-disked Alpines. Which is an Erebia. In my garden there is lots happening too, but as it is not totally wild, (it is wild compared to any garden I know) I suffice to say that the bluebells (Mertensia paniculata),Jacob's-ladder (Polemonium),Northern Jasmine (Androsace septentrionalis) and the Northern Gooseberry (Ribes oxyacanthoides) are blooming. Blues and whites. Well I do also like to say that we are eating salads with, Fireweed, Plantain, Bedstraw, and two other very well known ones, and the more tasty ones for that, but I can't think of there names now.

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