Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I don't know much about frogs in the Yukon. But today and yesterday, I heard this sound on the edge of a lake. Both times, I couldn't find anything that would have made that sound. What do you think? Another sound that aroused my curiosity yesterday; It sounded like Ravens making a racket in the trees. It seemed peculiar, because I didn't see them. And in my experience Ravens are not shy. Today I got my answer: Fledgling Grey Jays! They are sooo funny, they are so big and not shy either actually, and make a racket when learning to fly. What a gift on this day where I call myself keeper of wild places for exactly 1 month. Ah more gifts today; The Violet-green Swallows arrived in our yard. And I found a last years egg of a Junco, very pretty.
Thank you very much.

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