Monday, May 5, 2008


April 27 2008

A day in the swamp. Wetlands they call it these days, how unromantic, to me swamp or even marsh speaks more to the imagination. And brings out the smell. Do you all have memories of that smell of the black mud, where your boot get sucked in by . And yes today the smells are there, but the swamp today is very accessible because it's still frozen underneath and bushes and swamp grass are not growing and green yet. Last night, on the hill, it looked like the water in the pond (is it called teapot pond?)was open. The ice is green, probably it reflected the light a certain way, which made it seem open water. Amazing, teapot pond has a spout. In one of the little ponds on the west side, I heard this peculiar sound, suddenly I saw where it came from, a little squirt (10cm) of water spouted up through the ice. ??? what is that?

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