Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hetty, thanks for getting me out here. From the bottom of 'Don's decent' (our sledding hill). I take the cut line, that was made in the seventies for the controversial pipeline, to the west, I cross the bush road and keep going in the same direction. Just listen.... And I come out by my 'elfin waterfall'. What a magical place! The forest is mixed , mainly trembling aspen, but some balsam poplars, willows, spruce and high bush cranberry bushes. There are charred trees laying down, from an old old fire. And there are these humongous stumps, 50 cm. diameter.They must be from when they were building the Alaska highway. The creek is full of moss and dead leaves. The waterfall falls at least a meter. And at the bottom is a pool. I make myself sit down , as keeper of wild places, but I can't resist the child in me. And play; redirecting the water, so there is one big fall instead of several smaller ones. Ah, The sound increases too. And I clean up the pool a bit, taking branches out. Loving it, I am tired anyway today, it's nice to play. For me being out in the wild always feels good, I might be tired or other days cold or lost! But I never feel bad about that. I always love it.

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