Monday, May 12, 2008


Just now I went for a very slow ,quiet, peaceful walk. Surrounded by birdsong and calls.
And the very occasional, tiny snowflake coming down. Or are they tiny white bugs? Both is possible, it is cold enough and as for bugs, it's been spring long enough. 'Moose skull lake' has open water now and there are 2 gulls (who have something going with a raven), a pair of mallards, a kind of shorebird! and the flickers!
In a meadow the Coltsfoot is blooming.
I realize, it is impossible here in this blog to write everything down. What I write is only a fraction of the joy of wild places I experience. My first focus remains to enjoy these places. My longing for more only gets greater and greater. I feel overwhelmed with it, though the wonderful thing is; Nature, it doesn't demand anything.
It just asks to be. And through all the fantastic responses I get from you out there, I know we are all answering to that call. I am very grateful for your responses. It inspires me greatly.
I am so blessed.

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