Thursday, May 15, 2008


I would have liked to call this entry; wind. But all I have to say about the wind is that it is blowing all day long. Maybe because of the wind I only went as far as 'moose skull lake' and 'teapot pond' and watched the birds. This morning at 'moose skull lake' I enter very quietly, as a good birder (I am actually shy to call myself birder as I am only a beginner). Sure enough close to the shore is a Barrow's Goldeneye pair. They're beautiful, and I like it where there beaks are different in color, Black for the male and yellow for the female. My, I sound like a birder. But don't be fooled, I am learning as I go and use a pair of binoculars even for close by birds and a high tech camera where I can zoom in and then watch the picture in the little screen and zoom in again. There are the two gulls again. I think they are Mew gulls. And one, which probably is a, Bonaparte's Gull. As for the weather, yes, it is a cold wind and the lake is still mostly covered with ice. I am freezing and decide to go home, but I am not that easy defeated and go off the path and wander my way back in the general direction. Lo and behold I run into a joyful singer, I see a streak of bright yellow, and I get to enjoy, what I think is Yellow rumped warbler.

Later in the afternoon I go to 'teapot pond' Right away I get to see a Green Winged Teal, and for me he gets three of his buddies. I read they are a small duck, that's why to me they almost look like a fall time family. In the same part of the pond there is kind of sandpiper. In the spruce trees across there are gulls .And way out there is a pair of Mallards sticking up their big tails. On the little ponds on the east I find a pair of American Wigeons and one male Barrow's Goldeneye.

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