Sunday, June 1, 2008

Taye lake 4

Full of anticipation I walk to the river, to see out over the lake. And what I am expecting is lots of water birds. Ha! Taye lake does kind of hides. Even when I take the trail on the left side towards the lake. The view somehow doesn't show me the spectacular beauty of Taye lake. I do see a swan a great distance away,
but no other birds...
Ah, As I walk towards the lake.. The largest bird to be (Yukon) flies, well, gracefully spreads out it's grand wings and flies off slowly (as in movement of the wings) to a distant tree and perches on the top. It's so big. It's an eagle! (I feel embarrassed, but I can't figure out which one).
After that grand opening show, I meet lots of birds in the wetland, the Arctic Terns like always very excited by my presence. There's the Red-winged blackbirds, many more smaller birds, that I love to get to know, but don't yet.
I find a nice spot to have lunch where I can overlook the water. It's like a mirror! Beside the lake the land is very wet, I do get wet feet, but I find these little dikes. They are very close to the lake and around 1 meter high, perfect. There are ducks in the lake, but they are too far for me to identify.
The 2 Swans are gorgeous and one hangs around fairly close to me, With it's mirror reflection in the water the sight is awesome, a truly Yukon treasure, the white streaked mountains reflected in the crystal clear blue lake and a swan to top it of.

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