Saturday, May 3, 2008

Glory to you

Let's start this morning. After 3 days of being in town (Whitehorse) I was very eager to set up this blog. But first I wanted to go out to the Birch trees. As the snow is mostly gone now, I'll take the bicycle. Biking up hill on rough trails is no easy feat. And I mostly push the bike. It is a beautiful sunny day, windy. Soon I have to take my sweater off. I leave the bike where I go on to the moose trail. Last week there was still remains of frozen snow on the trail. And here I am thinking what to write in the profile of this blog, yes, it is then that I loose the trail. But I know where I am going. The Birch trees branches are reddish in this early season, and I see that they are taller then the Aspen here and actually smaller again are most of the Spruce and the few Pine. Bushwhacking, I soon find my way.

And there, gloriously, I actually find sap in the buckets. Clear beautiful liquid. I am so excited. And thank the tree for this amazing gift. I move my nose and eyes close to the tap, to see and smell the drip. There is no smell, but being so close, as the drip forms on the end of the tap, it is like a crystal reflecting the sun and as it grows it reflects exquisitely the surrounding forest. Drip......drip......drip. I collect about 1 gallon of sap, 4 litres. And carry it home in my backpack. If you read my blog before you know that this sap winning is all new to me. That's why it excites me to no end. And the taste! I had never had it before, well it does taste like.... water. But deliciously slightly sweet. Who would ever want to turn that in syrup. I know how it will be used in my house. Simply! as a drink. In the afternoon I take another trip, because I have no idea how fast this stuff is flowing. When I get there each tree(2) has 1 litre. Good enough for sure, but no rush to get home in case I would had have to go again in the evening I think it will be OK till next morning. I decide to climb this north slope. It is full of Alders, which tend to tangle you, but I know there is a little rock bluff not too far. Indeed! it gives a lovely view of the area. But of course the hill side keeps calling me up. It is an arduous climb, the forest tangled and thick and the slope steep. AH... The top stops my heart. There is no way to describe the beauty of it all. The rocks, the mixed forest, the little valley below. And looking out at mountains around Taye lake, the Sifton range, 'my Mountain', mnt. Ingmar till mnt. Vanier. This spring day, the forest has hints of color, the mountains are bright white and the sky very blue.

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Hello dear Jozien,
It looks fantastic .... and Professional!