Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taye lake 2

May 26

I see now on the map, that Taye lake is lower in elevation then we are. That surprises me, because
it is a long way from here, upstream. As the crow flies, it is only 15 km. But the way the Mendenhall
river flows, a very long paddle. That's why it meanders so much, it doesn't loose much elevation,
only One elevation line on the map, which stands for 100 feet.
That accounts though for the fact that it took me longer on the way back. I thought it was my stamina and the
strenght of my legs. Well that makes me feel good!
The way the roads went, I must have biked 60 km round trip. At the end my legs where very tired, at the end two uphill
sections, one out of the river crossing, and one up to the house, I didn't even try to paddle anymore.
I just walked up bike in hand.I left the bike 100 feet from my house, peeled of some clothes and fell into a lawn chair.
Bless the heat though. I love it.
(I am telling this story backwards.) Because of the heat, I did had a dive into the Mendenhall river.
Where the river starts,coming out of Taye lake it is quite lovely, with rocks and tiny rapids. On my bare feet,
I didn't venture off, trying to keep my footing on the slippery rocks. I plunged into a deep hole
in front of a big boulder,on which I sat to dry off. Feeling like a mermaid.

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