Saturday, October 2, 2010

the wind took me

i am a little lethargic these days
the wind was blowing cold from the north this morning
i have this friend
i only know him from on-line
his words attract me
his voice on the phone this morning, it sweeps me of my feet

i step outside and the wind that takes me
it is good thing life is not more spiritual then it already is
if i was an angel and so were you
i'd be blown south
slide into your arms
and melt away into your skin
it would be such a mess
not knowing were you end i begin
not knowing were the sky meets the sea

it's a good thing i am in the forest
that the smells of decay keep me grounded
and the sky puts me down
it's a good thing
that i wear strong hiking boots
that push me forward
that keep my feet on the ground
and only my head in the clouds

some people think children are out of control
and that's the kind of children they meet
i only meet angels
it's me, not in control
spinning happily

my psychiatrist and i
i meet with him and he meets with me
both quite abnormal
at least i know
i am okay
and for him?
oh well i support him
i don't mind doing that
so at least he is okay financially


Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild places. Cool pictures and words with meaning :)Brian(:

Akannie said...


Beautiful photos, my dear.

Do I feel something besides a chill in the air ??


jozien said...

Thanks Brian for saying that, when i write like this, i wonder.
Yes Akannie :) you do; there's love in the air.

Sue said...

It is beautiful! :) <3