Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I couldn't find my breakfast just now, nowhere, i just made it. So i thought i go on-line instead. And there it is, right beside the computer.
And it is so warm here in the Yukon, that this morning as i step outside in the dark, i am startled by the crunchy snow under neath my feet.
It must be that i am packing for New Mexico, yeh i know it's early, but my mind is already rolling through the white sand and wondering what a creosote landscape looks like.
Maybe that's why i can't seem to get much color in my photos these day.

Because there is color, the sun does get out quite regular, and still(or again) lights up the colors of fall highlighted by moisture. Yesterday, i went for a long walk just before sunset and in the evening light those colors all in yellow light. The sky was incredible, not deep red or anything, but changing hues of orange, pink ,purple, blue, yellows and of course white and endless shades of grey.


Hagazussa said...

Zo herkenbaar, je ontbijt kwijt!
En dan dat kleine beetje kleur wat er wel is dat maakt je foto bijzonder.

Liefs, Haagje

MFH said...

The light in New Mexico is different from anywhere else!

The sky is almost always clear
and the canopy of bright blue creates a feeling of limitless possibility.

Now, in the Fall, the morning temperatures are crisp and sharp. But it warms rapidly and by 10:00 one starts to shed clothing. By noon the landscape is flooded with light and I can usually get by with just boots & socks. All shadows, in the mind and elsewhere, have flown and distances become hard to discern....and irrelevant.

The heat, even this late in the year, brings out the smells of the vegetation, particularly the
sage. Similar in this way to Mendenhall, but the trees, where there are trees, are different. The
pinon pines and junipers are interspersed with yucca, Indian paintbrush, penstemon, mosses
and lichens. And that’s on the east side of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque.

The desert to the west is completely different.

jozien said...

Haagje, ja zoiets gebeurt mij ook vaker.
Thank you MFH :)