Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am soooooo excited right now, sit here kind of buzzing. Early this morning 3 am i did wake up kind of distressed out of a distressing dream ( i forgot now what) Anyway i was really scared about my whole adventure. Somehow i was able to recognize those feelings as ones that i normally can experience too. Just not lately as i have been looking forward to this trip so much and life is pretty good. ("Hey Sis! Ank, how are you?)" My sister Ank the only one in my life who is in some sort of real distress, but the way she is, i feel i never have to worry about her, she is an amazing woman . I will send her lots of my love tomorrow when i sit in that bus all day, but i know she will come out happy and healthy!
Okay that sobering reality check took the buzz off for me, good.
Anyway recognizing those feelings, i realized there is really nothing to worry about, knowing i am always safe. I feel very blessed that deep down inside i am in touch with this strength which we all have. That no matter what, we can trust THAT. (talking so strong and positive does scare me too, but i knock on wood, that too)
Anyway i won't be on-line for a while, but i do hope to do a few postings when i am actually roaming the desert. Is there wifi in the heart of the Sonoran desert?

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