Wednesday, October 20, 2010

of what's to come

i do not feel like typing tonight
i just want to be in the desert
now there is these sand dunes close to here

i wonder is it anything like
where i will be

rocks and sand
is what i imagine

and sky
next week
off to New Mexico
:) i did not know i could be like this
wanting wanting
wanting to be


Brian said...

Hey wild one
The desert will be around you soon.
Is the sand on the banks of a
river or are you near an ocean?

aria said...

so you're almost there :-). Have fun my dear!!!!!!

Tanru said...

New Mexico is at once somewhat like that and completely different. You'll love it.

jozien said...

Thank you! :) i am sooooo excited.
Brian this is along the Takhini river, but the sand dunes are an old lake shore, fairly recent in the big scheme of time.