Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the buck is a doe

Deer are in our yard now everyday, This morning still in the dark i walked right by one when i was going to the outhouse. They seem to enjoy eating the lambsqquarters (a wild spinach) in my wild garden. There is this mother deer with two young ones, and yesterday there was two young bucks, still with antlers on.
The growth on the mother's (now obviously a female) head, more of a mystery.
On September 19, i took this picture. Because of the growth we can clearly see she is the same deer. That day she was with both of her young. When i see them these days the young do not always come out in the open, sometimes just one.

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christopher said...

I am struck by several features in this post which reminds me what a pioneering spirit you have.

I hope that growth does not hamper the doe in any way.