Tuesday, October 12, 2010

walking on water

What is it that i always want to walk on water?
What is it that some days things are just fine, life flowing quite nicely.
Where some days are glorious beyond for no real reason.
Like now.
Physically i even feel a little rough today.
Well, i did get an email from my son. Really nothing special, but the way he wrote, it made my heart skip a beat from joy. Love really.
It was cold this morning, looking at fine snow falling; trying to feel love for that, but i could not. An hour later i was struck by just that; snow falling, love.
I go out and everything is totally quiet, i wonder why does snow not make a sound, why is the forest silent?
I walk to the lake,i follow the shoreline, the grasses make me pleasantly sink in a bit, i walk on to the creek, and indeed, there i get wet feet, water pouring into my lined rain boots.
By now the sun tries to come out and was it that or the wet feet, by now i'm in a cherry blossom tree (thanks Claudia)
When i come home, mama deer is there with her two kids, a raven, 3 magpies and the grey jays!


Elisabeth said...

This is such a lyrical journey that you have taken us on, filled with snow and love, wet rain shoes and animal life. Thanks

klaproos said...

prachtig die stilte die de sneeuw geeft da's wonderlijk mooi,
maar wat is het vroeg jozien??
is dat elk jaar zo?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Snow! Hard to believe. I'm jealous. What's your favorite Grateful Dead album by the way?