Sunday, October 24, 2010

the best water in the world

one thing i will miss clearly
and dearly
is drinking
our Stony creek water

it's the best drinking water ever, there is no doubt about it


christopher said...

Godspeed. Be careful and awake. Act bravely but with wisdom, relying on God's Grace to span the gaps. Be beautiful and surefooted along the way. Receive as much as you give and give much. Remember me. Remember all the others who hold you, however confused this may get. Love all who come your way. Love the world and the path you travel. Have glorious fun. Don't forget all you see, take a journal with you.

Brian said...

Hey wild one
That water does look very clear and clean. But where you are going will have its own treasures, for you to cherish. Be safe wild lady :)Brian(:

Anja said...


aria said...

So you're in the bus now! Was glad to talk 2 u, even it was only short. Have fun my dear! Wish you all the love of the world! Talk 2 u soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I believe that immediatly... Wonderfull water it is!

just jane said...

Stay safe on your journey. As for the water, it looks cold, clear, and there is beauty in it. I know that I have tasted the best water in the world, too.