Sunday, October 10, 2010

keeping the wild in my own yard

and in my own heart.
No matter how well i will know myself.
Somethings will always stay 'wild'

This handsome guy walked into my heart today, into my yard.
Now what does he have attached to his head?
Don and i have never seen anything like that. Upon searching the Internet, we do find out that White-tailed Deer do shed their antlers after the rut, which could be this time of year here in the Yukon. So we wonder if it just shed his antlers and some of the.... is still hanging there?

What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving by the way! No, we did not have deer. We had grouse, sage, seeds and cranberries from the wild. And thanks to the potatoes and greens from the garden. And maybe even more thanks for ingredients that was grown far away and found it's way to our table.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Hey wild one
Your visitor looked friendly,maybe one of his antler's broke off near the skull in the rut . And never shed with the other one :)Brian(: