Friday, July 31, 2009

Northern Comandra

I have added on the right column here beside these posts, at the bottom, my berry blog.
But i want to post this berry here first. I love the name and i like it that it's a member of the Sandalwood family.
It is a very common berry here and edible, but i wouldn't recommend it. But heck we all have a different palate, although i have never come across someone eating it.

It is called Geocaulon lividum.
Geocaulon probably meaning something like stem from the earth.
Makes sense, that's how they look, they are individual stems with leaves, tiny quite lovely flowers and now berries.
But lividum means lead color or pale. hmmm that might refer to the flowers, because as you see it here, it is far from pale. In the winter the berry stayes on the stem and is more red. I need many more photos of all its different looks.
But then everyone in the Yukon knows it anyway, right?

So much for the walk i went on; The weather still hot, but very windy. I walk on sandals and only wearing a little sun-dress. I tell you that hardly ever happens.
My legs a little scratched and after finding blueberries, the mosquitoes find me.(ah that's why i mostly dress different.)
Right by these Comandras are Blueberries and Crow berries. Which both are very good to eat! Not my favorite blueberry though, and the crow berry, i always say; tastes like apple.

This is at Moose-skull lake and i decide to go swim. Not my favorite swimming hole :) The water a pleasant temperature, but i don't care for the mud, the water being so shallow, you can imagine.

Looking at the photo, it might remind you of fall, well i tell you, because of the heat and dry weather, it definitely starts to change color here, The fire weed that never came to bloom turning the forest floor, bright yellow and some bright red.

Nevertheless I LOVE THE HEAT.

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