Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hi there

go with the flow

If i don't have enough to do....
I am going to use my flickr account again.
The reason being i want to be more organized in this computer life of mine.

When i am out there, in the wilderness, i tell you there is never such issue.
All is what is is, Beautifully.

Even the rest of my life is OK, there is always more to do, but i feel i did the essentials and when i didn't do them yet, i will be doing them shortly.
It is only this computer life, where i feel it's beyond me. My storage space recently always flashing up as too full. Alexander says i need a real computer and high-speed Internet, but to me that is not the answer. Somehow i have to.....
hmmm do i start sounding like a control-freak?
I tell you, in the wilderness that is neither an issue. Maybe out there all i have to do is look after myself, really.
Anyway....i will put less photos here, put them instead on a flickr account i have.
I don't know if it makes sense to you, but it does to me.
To find my account: click on 'je zon' under 'delights' on the right hand side of this page.
For today i'll make a link here. je zon


christopher said...

Hello, dear, thank you for your wonderful work.
Loving you.

aria said...
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Tebo said...
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aria said...

Hi dear Jozien,
Coooooool that you are using your Flickr-account more frequently. Thanx for all your poems on my Flickr-account.

and.... Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!!
(if nobody knows, they know now :-))

PS: the two deleted comments were mine, something went wrong...