Tuesday, July 21, 2009

up hill

You maybe know i love to be above the tree line.
Well i am almost getting there. Yesterday, i climbed the mountain in the back here, which comes close to the treeline but not quite.These photos here are not in the right order, well i actually don't know a right order, so let's just leave it.
It's that Gentianella again, It's what's blooming now abundantly with Yarrow and goldenrod. And all the other flowers already in seed. I took the picture today, looking down on them for at least an hour.

I went biking with Alexander! what a treat.(hmmm being a teenager, i don't get to spend much time with him) We pushed the bikes up the Stony creek trail. Well as you push a bike up 45 degree trails, you look at the ground a lot.

No this is not the trail we rode, today the trail clay, sandy, gravelly and plate size boulders (imagine the downhill part)
But this is the ribs of Annie Ned granite Batholite on my mountain yesterday, great for walking on, the gradient as steep as can be for walking, instead of climbing.

Ah, and yesterday i went to pick raspberries
again. With Janet! Who i met on blog :). Wonderful!


RachelW said...

I love the alpine, too. It's such a treat hiking up through bush and insects, breaking through the treeline into the low, sweet high-mountain wind-swept rock and vegetation. It feels like finding a secret place, so high above everything.

Faith said...

Beautiful. I love the photos. Where you live is so breath-taking!

And yummy raspberries -- we have had lots and lots of black raspberries in our yard because I never weeded last year :) They are delicious!

btw, I have a new blog address where I will be posting


just wanted you to know...same old me -- just a fresh start of sorts :)

love to you and your wilderness

aria said...

that's FUN, to go biking with Alexander!! Sounds good!

jozien said...

Thanks girls!!!
Rachel, you describe it beautifully!
We live too far South, really.
How would it be to actually live up North?
to live forever
in the low
sweet high
high above everything
I think i would
come apart
unable to descend
in high speed
forgetting everything
but the rocks, sand, clay
in front of my front tire.

Richard said...

Beautiful - what is more amazing is that I don't know how I got your blog. Too much technology for me. It was just there.

So we will live vicariously!