Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sanguisorba canadesis ssp latifolia.
She grows in my garden, i transplanted her there from the wild.

She is blooming now, maybe she tells me something about my self? She does smell very sweet:)
her name; Burnet - brunette
sanguis - blood
orbere - to absorb
hmmmm, this Canadian one looks blond to me.
I know i am a brunette, maybe this time of my life i am just, absorbing all that blood being spilled and behaving like a blond.....
For the ones among you who are interested in botany; this burnet just a blond one among her brunette sisters.
For the ones interested in my life besides 'keeper of wild places'. At the moment i just don't seem to get out so much, other priorities somehow. Well calling them priorities is maybe too much. I just do as i please, true my life becomes rather beautiful, but with the ups and downs like all of us. And because of my life style choices never much money.

i am painting a little
for healing?
now all the blood is being

ps, latifolia means broad leaves


christopher said...

It Passes So Quickly

I can't help thinking
how spring is gone now, summer's
half over, my life
more than half over.
Fall is my season these days.

Spring vitality,
such grand bright tensions,
like birds on lookout, this fades
to white summer heat
and from there to dry
fall colors, the reds and golds,
with a hint of cold.

I shan't look beyond.

Sue said...

What a beautiful painting!
And a beautiful life, with or without money, and the light and the dark and the bright contrasts add something when you look at the whole picture.

Janet said...

Yes, your painting is very beautiful. Again, thank you for last night. If you don't mind, I would like to go out again on the week-end. If you're around and feel like the company, let me know.

Faith said...

Jozien, your painting is beautiful!! I love it.

And the Sanguisorba :) We sell those here at the nurseries -- always was one of my favorites.