Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Polemonium acutiflorum (July 27 in a mountain meadow)
Just wishing i was there laying in the cool grass, beside the stream.

Yezzz! It is hot, the high today I think 34 C (90+ F) So hot i didn't make any pictures. I actually did do a lot of other things, but nothing to exciting.

When going for a swim in my regular spot on the Takhini river, i hear some splashing beside me. Another human being, wow! It is Bruno from Switzerland. Quite the adventurist. I got his web-site and it turns out he has a very different photo of the King's Throne, where i was swimming yesterday. Have a look if you want.

Well the linking doesn't work. But if you want to cool of a bit, go to his site and
go to white blood steps, 2nd photo.

Yeah, he was such a nice guy, having tried to climb one of my dream mountains, Arch mountain at the south end of Kusawa,(he didn't succeed, nobody yet did)
and the swimming and such. I didn't see him but he was swimming in Kusawa Lake when Tilly and i did, I'll try to link that. Not working, see June 2nd, more cooling off photos.

And following the link it doesn't show us swimming. I see why :)

And now i did put the web-site, i was talking about in the first place, at my 'delights', just click on Bruno.

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christopher said...

Just to let you know...I was happy for the air conditioning that kept my house to 78 degrees F because it was 108 outside at 7 pm. Hot.