Friday, July 24, 2009


fringed gentian

blue-eyed grass


hmmm so much to see.
I biked over to the Swans today, no swans in sight.
So i bike through the endless expanse of grass around the ponds. The grass is rippling. a green sea.
Not many water birds at first sight, but when i sit still, i do spot at least 6 families. After a wet adventure, which i will describe in the next post, i return the same way as i came, through the grass. Now not so focused on birds, i find all sorts of treasures in the grass.
The Bluets having sex, it's the male that is on top, in case you are interested.
On a little trail in the forest that connects one meadow to the other, i spot one of my favorite flowers (sorry i have so many) but this one special,first for it's color, and when i look for it, i will never find it. And it doesn't bloom very long. Gentianopsis detonsa ssp yukonensis.
The blue-eyed grass, i didn't even look for it. I haven't seen it for years and never around here. Sisyrinchium montanum.
In that green grass also the blue of flax and slender beard-tongue and the purplish/blue of a sweet smelling astragalus.
These were the blue gifts of the green sea. As the color of the mountains in the background. This one (top picture) the west side of the highest one around, i have not been on there yet, so i thought i post it, maybe i get there some day.

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