Tuesday, July 7, 2009


First things first.
Alexander my son is still practicing his flying skills too.
As i don't pay as much attention anymore. Luckily other people do.
click on this link to see him.

I myself 'flew' up the mountain. (as in a long sweaty hike) and took a picture standing on the top. Basically the same view as i had in my last 'header' but now being there.

Then... this bird that just came out of the nest and can't quite fly yet.
I was hiking with Mary (i"ll do a next post about it)
so this information is all hers;
This is a Savannah Sparrow. It is a fledgling, see short tail and yellow stripe under it's beak.

And this one i recognized, as we saw it at basically at the same place and time last year.
American Golden Plover. And he/she did fly all the way from the States to nest here. A long-distant migrant. Today it flew just to keep us away from the nest.


Anja said...

How many bikes does Alexander have? and does he adjust or fix his bike often?

jozien said...

Hoi Anja, you are back!
Alexander still has 2 bikes, the Giant Faith 2 for sale!
The other one he is riding or fixing.