Friday, July 24, 2009


I did get wet to take this picture. But i was so happy to see it. last year i discovered it in shallow water close to the 911 pond. I try to stay dry getting as close to the water as i can, placing my feet on the polls/hummocks? of marsh grass.
soon i see bright yellow among the marsh vegetation in a small pool of water.
As i do get a satisfactory photo, i feel the water going over the edge of my boots. Now i might as well keep going, i roll up my pants, to move in for a close. There you go. And i have to admit, i did something i rarely do, i pulled out the plant.
Last year i could not identify it exactly from the photo.
It is a Utricularia vulgaris ssp macrohiza. The underwater parts of the plant full of little air bladders.

To dry my boots and socks a little bit i lay in the grass, and look up to the flowers. Haha, no i did not. Well i did take of my boots and socks, but took the photo of flowers in the grass, later. Uhmm it's ray flowers white, it looks like a kind of flea-bane, Erigeron, Yes? Eri meaning spring and geron - old man. I could make up all sort of stories.

And to continue: as i lay there looking at a spry old man, suddenly a duck emerges.

No, it was later again, in another pool of water, attracting me by making great splashes. I wonder if this is a young Northern Pintail. I am just guessing.


Anonymous said...

Heerlijk Jozien zo afkoelen in het prachtige meer /mooie foto,s

Shaddaiah said...

Hi there Jozien,

Happy Birthday!!!!
Lucky you. The Yukon is gorgeous as always.
p.s. Bruno's site is

just some little detail missing.
love you lots
Hope to see you one day again.

jozien said...

Good to see you!
And thanks, i already changed it.
Do you know him?