Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day

I dedicate today's post to my dad. As he was the one who awakened in me, at a very young age,a love for Nature: taking me out to the field,having me nap right on the soil. A shared love for trees and later teaching me the names of weeds.

Sunday morning walk with Tara: We walked so fast in 15 min we were on the top of 'crocus hill'. As we come on the top , there is a flock of probably Pine Siskins, they all land in some trees, fly of again,change direction and they're gone. As we are talking so much, we don't notice everything.I want to show her the orchids, but can't find them anywhere. But almost home in the old gravel pit. I spot some peculiar tracks,"they are baby bear tracks,look." Tara burst out laughing. Her 2 year old son, was running around here last night in his socks! Fooled again.

In the afternoon I phone Bruce Bennet, a botanist, about the purple flower in the swamp. he confirms it is a Triglochin maritima. It might be minerals in the ground that cause the color. When I want to I can send him a pressed stalk. Of course I want that and I am off to 'moose skull lake' again. The bugs are bad, but I do find fields of this purple arrow-grass. I do love this swamp so much lately. There are lots of butterflies; The Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, the Northern Blue and the silvery blue. They are hard to tell apart. But I do see a blackish one, which must a female Silvery blue.And others which I have to identify another day. There's dragonflies and one is a Bluet. Guess what color it is?Besides all the flowers I already have mentioned in an older post. Today the shrubby cinquefoil is starting to bloom. Which is, I think the most well known , potentilla. And the Labrador-tea is blooming, Ledum groenlandicum.

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