Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red Fox

June 20
I met a fox yesterday. A most beautifully blond Red Fox. I was on my way back down from the mountain. Well actually 'up'. I had descended a little bit on the other side of the mountain. I was tempted to go farther down, as I heard rushing water, in what could be a ravine. A channel created by the run-off of the mountain, going towards a creek, that flows into the Mendanhall River. No, I had to return even with the planned shortcut it would still take me 4 hours to get home. The short-cut meant I was going to traverse the mountain. It might be faster though to go straight up and come down again. The landscape was gorgeous, but very erratic, boulders which were hard to cross, buck brush in between.
The reward was totally awesome. First having been scared by a Willow Ptarmigan. They tend to fly out of the bushes as you almost step on them. They're a big bird! not like the little Junco, which gave away where its nest was,with 5 beautiful little eggs. Not the Ptarmigan though, no nest in sight.
As I am looking towards a snow patch above me, I suddenly am close to a creek, the snow patch being the origin of it. My second scare is when a fox suddenly dashes away. The way it runs, with its big tail behind, totally graceful. (I did get one OK picture).
Where I had my picnic, I shared a rock with some 'gophers'. It seems that there are lots of 'gophers' around here. Is that what it is after? The fox doesn't go far. As I stood motionless, so did the fox. It just sat there for the longest time watching me. I forgot who stirred first, It must have been me. The fox took off down hill and I continued up.After I identified the lovely flowers growing by the side of the creek. Anemone parviflora and Ranunculus sulphureus,a beautiful big flowered buttercup.

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