Saturday, June 28, 2008


This morning I worked on my blog. Let me know if you like the changes. I had the hardest time again, and didn't get it as I would have liked it. And now it is raining out.

Yesterday was a wonderful day! June 27 2008. A whole day with my friend Jane Jacobs. We did a photo shoot to update my blog. She took the picture of me on my own rock. "thanks Jane!"
In the morning I am up early as on most days. It's blue skies ,with white puffy clouds. Warm when the sun is out, cool when it is behind the clouds. Some times the wind picks up and then it's calm again. As in our conversations. We climbed up 'crocus hill' via a round about way. The aspen trees are turning grey, because of a little bug, that makes intricate patterns in the leaves, by eating it. The meadows in the view look like golf courses though, so green.

We make photos of me on top of the hill, but at the end we choose one that Jane took right behind the shop here. I do love that rock, it's the only on of its kind on the property. It is a rock that was left by a melting ice flow,on the beach, when this was Lake Champagne, maybe only 3000 years ago. (see: From trail to highway. a book by the Champagne-Aishihik Band.)

In the evening we drive out to Kusawa Lake. Looking down on the lake when you drive towards it the lake is sooo blue. A deep dark blue. It is actually the blue of the side bar on the Yukon flag. Reaching the lake we go for a walk on the, sometimes sandy, beach. When we cut through the forest, there is the fragrance of roses. They bloom everywhere now, but here very abundantly. In my own garden they bloom too, different again, few flowers but very deep pink in color.
The sun is still above the mountains, and makes for beautiful views. Kusawa lake is very very long, many days paddling, but it is rather narrow between high mountains on the east and west. We leave when the sun sets behind those giants.

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