Monday, June 30, 2008

Astragalus agrestis

smell it.
June 29 2008
Flower day! Everyday is flower day these days. I have a beautiful bouquet on the table, all picked in my garden.
My best friend Sue Herbrick came out today. She is working on a booklet with the most common wildflowers, for the children she is working with. Suits me just fine! I will look for the Astragulus agrestis. The purple milk vetch that smells so nice. I have positively identified it, but nowhere on the Internet or in the literature I can find that it has fragrance. The endlessness of information. The more you know, the more questions. I love it.
Sue and I bent over the Jacob's Ladder, she points out that some have pointed petals. They seem to all be the same species - Beautiful Jacob's ladder-. But indeed, some have slightly pointed petals , some perfectly round and some with a little notch. Another puzzling one for me is the Blacktipped Groundsel; I always thought I recognized it as a plant with a small rosette of leaves on the ground, long stems and a cluster of yellow ray flowers. The black tips being on the bracts(which hold the flower) right? Today we come upon this succulent one , everything big and abundant. Is it the same species? or?
As we walk , look and talk, Sue is taking photos and I still am on the look-out for the Astragalus. We are in the fire smart, where I saw it yesterday. Today it is nowhere to be seen. At the end, by the descent to the highway, we turn east and follow the elk and deer trail on top of the bank. It is a lovely trail, amazingly I haven't been on it for a long time. Thank you Sue, for loving trails (instead of bushwhacking).
We stop by an open grassy slope and sit on the rocks, overlooking the Mendenhall river meadows , again, but from a different angle. It is beautiful. From here we turn back.

After Sue is gone I walk along the driveway. And guess what? On the south exposed side, among other flowers it is lined with Astragalus agrestis.

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Cicero Sings said...


I found some Astragalus agrestis today and gave it a sniff. I crushed it and gave it a sniff. I can't say as the stuff growing here has much of a scent at all?!!!