Sunday, June 22, 2008


I am flowing over with love again. It's my family, my friends and I just came back from an overwhelmingly magical walk. In the weekends I don't go very far. It gives me great joy like today when all three of us are working on our projects, Don the house, Alexander biking, and I the garden.

For me, the most beautiful garden, is actually in the wild. Both days I walked to 'moose skull lake'.Today I went all around it. It is a paradise out there. Everywhere I look is exquisitly beautiful. As I look up there are birds, as I look out there are mountains, as I look down there are blooming flowers.On the very green lake there are ducks. And not to forget insects. As I run after a big dragonfly, a bird swoops by and snatches it. No kidding.

Another insect is the mosquito, I have to say as I sit at the dinner table, Alexander notices half a dozen bites on my forehead. I had forgotten my baseball cap. I do think I am kind of immune against the after effects of the bites.As I have been bitten so often. They do bother me too though, good clothing is my preventive measure. Light colored, loose fitting, tight weave. Gloves and all, little as possible skin exposed. On those areas, I sometimes use a little bit of a product containing deet.

Yesterday and today the smell of the Lupines was intoxicatingly sweet. I wonder if it has to do with the damp weather.But it reminded me to bent down for every flower. Not many do smell actually, not even the labrador tea, that is blooming profusely right now. But I did find two species of orchids that seem to have a lovely lemony smell.

The most magical spot I came upon; I was on the north side of the lake. The Scaups on the lake where moving around as I went. I retreated a little bit into the woods, so I wouldn't scare them out of the north-west corner of the lake.I hoped to get a little closer to them this way. I stepped into a little opening in the forest. The ground covered with moss but also some kind of very short thick grass.This little 'meadow'(for lack of a better word), was sprinkled with orchids and deep purple louseworts and other little treasures. If there are Fairies this is one place they live.

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