Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moose and calf

Listening to Tibetan incantations (Thank you Aria!). I sit here typing, wrapped up in warm sweaters and scarves. I also started a fire in the wood stove, but I still don't feel totally good. Although some beautiful emails from family did help. This morning I felt a pressure in my chest. I know what works for me, is to be out there. I felt the urge to take the car and drive to a specific place. "what's the rush", I dressed up for the weather(it's cold but dry now). And took the bicycle. As soon I was out and about, my heart opens up. I might have altruistic ideas, that I send Joy out in the world by being out here. Who am I, really. And even if I was of any significance. I wonder, at that moment, when I am overcome by all this beauty out here. It feels like my heart breaks. What does that do?

All is wet and fresh , birds are out and about. A bird (Lesser Yellowlegs?) is screaming at me flying from treetop to treetop. I find a woodpecker hole with young at eye level. There's still patches of snow in the thick forest and on the hillsides behind me. The biking is wonderful, and the heavy feeling is long gone. The sky is still cloudy and mountains obscured, but through openings I can see clouds rising up out of the meadows. When I reach my destined point, All is gorgeous, the water is a mirror. And a Trumpeter Swan is sitting on a nest. Lots of other birds, it does get tiring to name them all. I left the bike on the path and am walking now. Hoops, suddenly I sink in and one rain boot is full of water. I find dryer land and spot some bright yellow potentillas(flowers), according to my books(here) they are potentilla diveriflora. It says they almost only grow above the tree line. Well I tell you, I didn't climb that high today. It's all a mystery to me.

I find a spot to sit and watch the swan, in a little bush in front of me is a sparrow, everything tells me its a Song Sparrow. What kind of day is this? according to the Yukon bird book this is not very likely. I decide to get closer to the swan. At the moment that my boots are both threatened to fill up with water, the swan 'crawls' behind the nest, out of sight. Time to turn back. I sit for a long time, enjoying it all, Some times the clouds part and a mountain peak appears, but the 2 swans remain hidden in the grass, sometimes showing their heads. I walk back, as I am on the other side of the water, I turn. What I see then, is definitely not out of the ordinary, but totally exhilarating.

A female moose and calf. They walk right by where I was sitting before. Of course, I didn't bring my camera today, I drop to my knees, who are now wet. And watch them through my binoculars till my arms drop. They walk through the swamp grass, towards the open water. Mother is dark brown, almost black, the calf is lighter brown. Mom is very cautious, looking up and around every few steps. I don't think they are aware of me though. Suddenly they turn back towards the willows. I see mom eating them. I cautiously find a log on higher ground to sit on. Now my bum is wet too. I watch for a long time, loving it. Eventually I am so cold and by now the mosquitoes are coming out wanting me, now my blood is still warm. I decide to go home. Just before I turn into the forest, to where I left my bike. The swan is climbing on her nest, she takes a long time settling down, but as I leave she sits perfectly again. I wonder if on eggs. I bike home in no time, freezing (or last time fear) does speed me up.

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