Monday, August 2, 2010

a Claytonia

Spring Beauty
You know, some days there is just too much to do, for example i would like to know exactly which claytonia this is. But the weather too beautiful to be on the computer, it's hot today (i do love heat:). Yesterday we picked lots of raspberries and so these beautiful summer days go by fast.
The photo;
This was one of the flowers that adorned the mountain. On the whole South side of Jubilee, there wasn't much water, just dry rocky slopes. This creek coming straight out of the mountain and flowing for maybe a hundred meters. Which makes it an oasis, with many flowers, bees of every size and birds.
I do want to say a little about how this hike comes about. In this instance Mary spots something from the air, goes on a reconnaissance trip, and brings us out there, she has figured out how to find the mountain. Which is easy in a certain way, but realize there is no trail, we're in the forest, we look at the map, discuss things, and of we go. The top which looked like the top wasn't the top after all, from the real top we pick a lake to go to, which proves that we need another meeting as there are a few hundred feet down and up again in between us and that lake.
Do you get the picture, beside being on a mountain, we love being explorers. On the way back we do get stuck in the thick of it, but eventually do come out, sore, scratched, full of bug bites, but very very happy:)

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