Monday, August 16, 2010

i fly

No, i did not fly.
I ask you; do i do that, do i insinuate more than what it really is, more than i can live up to?
My speaking in metaphorical ways, when it rains it does not necessarily pour.
Yes, i did had many peak experiences this week, in different ways.
At Al anon i will always say that; look, i do not want serenity (serenity one of the cornerstones/goals/consequences (whatever:) of the twelve step program.
I will say; i love my highs, let me grovel through my lows.

So this week i had many highs and really no lows. Just question marks.
When you go so high, see picture of a twin peak in the St. Elias Mountains (Alsek Ranges).
It is very very cold.
When you fly into the sun (this gull at Kellsall Lake)
The sun way too hot, to even get a little closer than we earthlings are.

This weekend many people here in the Yukon are having a fantastic weekend. It is a long weekend , today a holiday. And the weather is amazingly beautiful, the best of the summer (if you love heat)

So i was living many moments of bliss. Next i will post my pictures of a Saturday evening walk. I was camping in a place; my perfect place. My perfect place, i'll write about that in the next post with the photos.
But on that walk the light was soo beautiful. I thought i was in paradise, the only scare really, that somehow i could not capture it on film.
Anyway to know that everything is perfect as it is and on top of that IT IS perfect.
My question is, can a person live that way?

Now, me, earthling, not equipped to climb glaciers, not able to fly into the sun,
i feel whatever i decide, it does not seem right, someones missing out, and i am missing out, i can only flow into one moment at the time........

I might just drown.


Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild place
Wonderful pictures :)Brian(:

Hagazussa said...

Aha, je gaat ze doseren! Ik wacht af.

Liefs, Haagje

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Sometimes my lows are a weird high, as if they provide the slow burning fuel that in a spark catches fire and sends me flying. Or something like that.

jozien said...

Robert! I like that! It's interesting just the other day someone said something similar to me; to anticipate my fears with glee. or something like that.
:) thanks