Thursday, August 26, 2010

de vogel is gevlogen

Alexander, just phoned a minute ago, to say he is in Grand Prairie!!!
This time he is driving South not on a trip. But he flew from the nest. He left Wednesday morning, only yesterday. He is driving down.
He will be starting College in Medicine Hat. He will be taking the Paramedic program, Applied Health Sciences.
He said, see you at Christmas

And these are pictures of Sullivan the Seagull, from the story Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Well it actually was at Sellkall Lake, almost 2 weeks ago. This the parent who was screaming over her/his one young, defending their private beach.

If i was a real writer, i made a story too

As i was waving Alexander goodbye,from the grocery store parking lot, who shows up; Mr Sullivan, one of Alexander favorite teachers in high school.
Thanks for the hug Mr. Sullivan, i needed it. It was not as bad as sending Alexander of to Kindergarten, but still quite emotional.


Anonymous said...

"Kleine kinderen geef je diepe wortels, grote kinderen geef je vleugels."
Bij jou is dat wel heel letterlijk zo geworden...

christopher said...

Ah Jozien, everything changes now. I offer hugs and kisses in the deep of this moment in your life.

Sue said...

I know how you feel... Frankie leaves again Monday. Best wishes to your son and to you :)

Brian said...

Hey Keeper of the wild place
. Nice beaches I think Alexander from the wild place will do just fine. His mum will worry and fret ,but the wild places will turn a tear to a smile!! :)Brian(:

Anja said...

Alexander gone, we said goodbye to Olga too. She's closer in Holland Michigan but it is the other side of the border.

aria said...

Ahh... Jonathan Livingston Seagull, one of my favourite books... But this is real! But you know, Jonathan as well as Alexander, they are so strong! He will survive! And he knows his mother loves him, even if he is miles away.
Warm hug!

Shaddaiah said...

Beloved Jozien,

Ah, Alexander is coming closer to me ... I shall keep him in my loving embrace. Rest assured that he is just fine. The Angels are watching over him at all times. Sons are very special!
Love, always.....