Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I can spot sheep!

from miles away

so the first photo is taken with telephoto lens and the second, how i seen it from the Haines road, (last week)

Today: What's going on, when one hangs out the laundry as it is raining?
This morning i just did that. I don't think i have ever done that before.
It just seemed to make sense this morning as i had a (for me) busy day ahead. Now here at 7.30 pm, when i'm already through with all the being busy. I think i could have waited till now, half past seven still a reasonable hour to hang laundry outside. The only thing; it is still raining.(what do you think; should i bring it in and put it through the spin cycle again? I do not have a dryer(don't want one.

Hmmm but you know what, i might be a little out of it. (Among other things, Alexander is leaving for college tomorrow.) But i can indeed spot sheep! which is no small feat. On the mountains here there are very many white rocks, as there are many little white cars on the road(i just felt like throwing that in). Not all are sheep.
So i feel i have indeed become some sort of wilderness woman, to be able to see that.
My husband, son (and many others) have always been better at spotting wildlife. The wildlife, they do not all (like the Eagle) sit above you in the tree, waiting to be seen.


Hagazussa said...

Als de berg zo stijl is, dan is het vast een schaap en geen auto. Ik heb trouwens ook geen droger.

Liefs, Haagje

Brian said...

That's why you're the keeper of the wild place!!
Because you see things and know what they are even at a distance. As for the laundry it will dry another day :)Brian(:

sakuraimogenyakarin said...

We do have a dryer, but we do not use is that often. Bad for the clothes. Laundry here is nicely rained :P
Guess it will be drying inside the house tomorow!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's one good lens! In Belgium it was a constant game of running the laundry inside and out to dodge the rain drops. Usually it dried by the end of the day.

klaproos said...

prachtig om te zien, zulke kleine diertjes, wat voel j eje dan klein hé,

heerlijke uitzichten,
ik geniet.....

jozien said...

Ha! My laundry was dry tonight when i got home. I am very much moved by all you from Belgium, Scottland and Holland. Next time when it rains and i have a load laundry i am going to rejoice and hang my laundry in the rain singing, thinking of you all there in wet countries, doing the same thing. Maybe not so crazy.

And for the sheep; Thanks Robert, i like my camera a lot, a canon powershot S3 IS.
And Klaproos, indeed it's a big world out there.