Friday, August 6, 2010


golden forest
last tuesday evening
i sat among the swirling leaves
dying for a smoke
i'm still swimming
in the summer heat cold river
the dryness makes it feel like fall
i fear things might be changing
and behold they did
i love these changes
i have barely thought
of smoking
it's that summer heat

read the prediction for change at


G-Man said...

I havent smoked now for 3 months and I feel great!
The leaves are starting to turn aren't they a bit up there?
Loved your 55 Jozien.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

aria said...

yellow leaves
green and fresh in the heart!

Hagazussa said...

Dat doe je goed. Jammer dat nu jij zo fris en fruitig wordt, alles om je heen verdort.

Liefs, Haagje

christopher said...


Berserker force leaves
outside my shaggy garden
hesitate to fall
directly on my path.
The arctic autumn is poised
behind the current
front lines of summer,
the coming campaign building
like storm clouds often

jozien said...

Galen! you just stopped smoking, i like to hear aboutit! i still find it hard at times.

And you two woman thanks fris and fruitig, green at heart :)

Christopher, i love you so

Brian said...

Hi keeper of the wild place.
Things are changing here too a little darkness edges in . When we like to sit on the sun deck in the evening. But its good to see leaves changing and bringing in autumn. With leaves the colour of flames. Well done with quitting smoking jozien the worst is over :)Brian(:

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Ohhh!!! So you are still smoke free after these two weeks I have been away?? I have been sending my positive thoughts your way this whole time!

G-Man said...

Please never go back to it.
It does get easier.
Stay Strong...Galen
Breath deep...Ahhhhhh

Woman in a Window said...

Jozien, change, we both fear it and invite it.

Gorgeous golden leaf.

Today I crossed a low river I never thought I'd cross, but it has been a dry summer. My daughter and I through the currants, my cut off jean shorts wet and my feet sore on the riverbed rocks. But it was enough to be in the passing of summer.


Jos said...

Why is summer sooo short? Too short. I am glad that you are not smoking Joz, old habits are hard to break but this one is a trap from which we've both had a lucky escape! Good for you in persevering when I know it hasn't been easy.

Ah now change, scares and excites. It took me some time to learn that not all change is to be feared. xx Jos

jozien said...

Thank you all so much!