Sunday, August 8, 2010

turning over a new leaf

am i?
or is it just plain delicious lunacywhen fireweed is in seed
snow will be on the ground
in six weeks
one needs
angels in the clouds

when i walk up the mountain
which really is hill
when we talk and walk
up the flat rock
which is not flat at all
just the right slope
when we forget it's steep
and are on top before we know
and when
only then
i realize i did not see a thing
i have angels
when i lay back upon that rock
and there they are
now i see


Hagazussa said...

Bijzonder en mooi die wolken, echt wel een fotootje waard. Je boft maar met je 'mountain' of het nu een heuvel is of een berg, hij geeft een hoop.

Liefs, Haagje

Hagazussa said...

Had ik de schoonheid van het blad al genoemd? Vergeten te typen, maar wel op mijn netvlies opgeslagen.

tanruuk said...

Those are really fabulous photos...

Snow in six weeks, eh? O Canada!

tanru said...

(Yes, sorry, that's me; the AIM thingy doesn't seem to work.)

Brian said...

Another leaf , very nice one too. Will the superstision come true , will there be snow once more in your wild place? The angels in the sky look as if they are dancing in a big blue sky .Take care keeper of the wild place :)Brian(:

fireweed meadow said...

I see your apsen have leaf miner as well. This is the second year for ours and they aren't looking that healthy.

Leonie Lemphers said...

Wow, fabulous pictures Jozien, I love the birds on your other blog too.

I can't believe snow so soon, but alas winter is beautiful too :)

jozien said...

Hi :) thank you for your comments.
Indeed all our Aspen are affected by the leaf miners. For several years this has been happening. In addition to that they were also affected by aphids this year.

gfid said...

new or old, the leaf is exquisite. and the dancing angels!!! magical.