Tuesday, August 31, 2010

black and white

i did
i smoked one
it's not that
not what you think
it's why
can't i deal
with emotions
like you, like all
you out there
so many shades of grey
why all these colors
why do i live in a rainbow
a rainbow
of Love

how do you do it?


christopher said...


I sit swallowed up,
a slave of my own device
in my dusty lair,
built of lies, of ghosts.

If only, I say, plaintive,
if only this or that,
so many regrets,
the bars across my windows,
the locks on my door -
and most of all these
I hold a lock of your hair,
see you drift away.

aria said...

we just do... sometimes... like you do it also .... sometimes... when other people (like me) can't do it...
you can .. we can ..