Monday, May 10, 2010

the way the ice melts

snow and clouds
ice and water
and i love the way ice melts
the sound of it
when you listen
when you play with it

and i will get a better photo of the 'candles' which are big perfect crystals.
I would like to say something philosophical after yesterday's post. How the ice held me up
how now it's transforming, how i can now kick it, and crystals fly
turning into water too cold to swim
so i wait
and will dive in again
and be lifted up,riding clouds

Beth Hart:
and it lifts you up
and it puts you down
then it feeds you life
then it lets you drown
when it holds you up
and slowly tells you back
and you know, and you know......

something like that:)

and the photos appeared in the wrong order
i might fix it
not now


TechnoBabe said...

You still have so much snow there. We have a storm here today, no snow, wind and rain and lightening. Nice pictures in this post. I like the first one so much.

Anonymous said...

thanks technobabe.