Tuesday, May 11, 2010

along the river

I finally went for a long walk.
With Mary.
As the water in the rivers is so low now, we walked along the exposed shore of the Takhini River.
We start at the sand dunes on the Kusawa road.
And i tell you it is a blistery cold day! :)
We have a very very nice day though, too much, i am rather tired, to tell it all.
This is an Townsendia, none of us knew this flower, which delights us to no end. We actually found it at the end of the day, on the high bank of the Takhini River. on a little side trip we did after our hike.

Somewhere at a big bend in the river we took a short cut, finding this Burl forest, with one gigantic Spruce recently blown over.
The sand dunes are always on the move, And they are higher than the forest, so it blows sand over the edge, claiming more forest all the time. And as it looks like very fast. After the snow has melted just a few weeks ago, there is an inch or two of sand on top of the snow. We exposed it coming down the sand slope coming into the forest.

Today, it was such a good day, i can't believe it, we see so much. And with Mary i get to recognize all the birds. And what i love about it all that it was unexplored territory for both of us. Mary has paddled the river often, but never walked on the bottom of it.


TechnoBabe said...

The flowers look like the ice plant flowers I used to see when I was growing up. Sounds like you had a rewarding and exhausting long walk. That sounds like you. You are such an outdoor woman.

Cicero Sings said...

I have never seen Townsendia before ... and it is delightful.

Interesting, the sand dunes. Here in B.C. we have only one, near Riske Creek west of Williams Lake. We live in the 100 Mile area by the way ... Mary wanted to know you say. Has she been through the Cariboo?

We went for a pretty good walk yesterday too, about 9.5 kms (D has a pedometer) but our weather was quite balmy ... VERY pleasant.

Brian said...

Hey jozien
Even on a journey made every day there are new things to take in. If you take the time to see them .
Thanks for sharing what you see and how you see it :)Brian(: