Sunday, May 23, 2010

porcupine happiness

Okay, i am happy :)
that easy
it's just...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday,
it helped me a lot!

I guess i feel more content every day, well indeed how can i not, my surroundings are totally beautiful. And best of all the weather is totally gorgeous and there are no bothering insects. (there are two wasps in the house now, but as long as they stay by the window trying to get out, they are okay, well i will eventually let them out, because they might feel not quite in their element)

But what made me totally happy (for at least 11 seconds) was meeting this porcupine.
We surprise each other and are 6 feet away from each other, we both freeze, and where i get my camera, he/she slowly turns its head this way and that to see if i am still behind him. very very slowly he walks off and slowly gets into kind of a porcupine run.

Now that flash of happiness makes me think. Obviously just to be content is not enough for me, for some reason. Yesterday i realized, that in the poem i did not mention how i remember my heart skip. It was the companionship with Jane, where we look into each other eyes, fall into each others arms and know; here we are! we made it! we are a the top, elated.

So all this happiness might have to do for me, with sharing...
Well i know it does....
So i shared it with a porcupine. Darn, he didn't want to stay and he even put out his quills. As i did not expect him to react otherwise, i was fine, totally fine with that.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

To be happy, to find those moments, is bliss ... How to sustain them and forget the other crap of course the trick. We have in us a power to rise above.

jozien said...

yes that's it, today i did rise above. thanks